This is not my first blog. In fact, I have a blog by this very name through blogger. However, the look of it was starting to bother me and I just couldn’t shake it. Also, I feel like summer is the perfect time to embrace change. That is probably because I just finished my first school year as a college writing instructor and this extra time is giving me more freedom to actually think. I will insert a link to my first version of this blog, in case anyone wants to get caught up.

Our summer, while relaxing in a sense, is also going to be incredibly busy. Adam and I are coaching High School Softball together. While the season is really one two months long, which is short compared to volleyball or basketball, a lot of games are packed into a small amount of time. Our weeks are filled with nightly games or practices and our weekends are controlled by tournaments. We also have some weddings, family reunions, and birthday parties to attend. While it seems overwhelming, we are also so blessed to have all of this to look forward to. Also, how lucky are we to have so many people in our life to celebrate with?

While I will need to spend some time getting ready for school next year, as I will be going from part-time to full-time, I also look forward to taking Olive on daily walks and working out more. I am also counting down the days until Adam and I go to Nashville in late July. Come August 1st, volleyball starts, so while I don’t have a lot of “free” time ahead, I am so thankful for a career that makes summers like this possible.




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