St. Louis.

We returned from our road trip to Tennessee on Monday, July 25th after one very long day of driving. While the drive wasn’t as bad as expected, we were worried about it since we ended up splitting the drive there by stopping in St. Louis on the way. It was a rather “spur of the moment” decision, but we decided to to stop and see a Cardinal game on Wednesday night. Oddly enough, Adam’s cousin Kelsey was there on business, so we ended up having during with her before the game. We both love Busch Stadium and hadn’t been in almost five years, so it was really enjoyable.

We checked into our hotel around 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. After looking at multiple hotels, we decided to stay at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown. It was close enough to the stadium that we could walk to the game, but was a very reasonable price. The hotel has been recently renovated and the lobby and rooms were very nice. The room was small, but I never really get complaining about a hotel rooms size, because I am never in them enough to care. Overall though, it was a really nice hotel and the location was great.

After we checked in and changed clothes, we started walking down toward the stadium. We had never been to Ballpark Village, so we wanted to go early to see that before we met Kelsey for dinner. I didn’t have a lot of expectations for Ballpark Village going in, but wow, it was really cool. If you are a die hard Cardinals fan like we are, you really need to check it out. While there, we went through the museum. It was amazing, Adam was in absolute heaven. The highlight being that he got to hold Stan Musial’s bat.

Adam with Stan Musial’s Bat 
The infield of “old” Busch Stadium 
World Series rings 

Once Kelsey got done working, we met her for dinner at the Budweiser Brewhouse, which was in Ballpark Village. It was so good to catch up with her. Her and I were actually friends in high school before Adam and I started dating and she is still one of my closest friends. We also laughed because we live in Iowa and she lives in Minnesota, but oddly enough we were having dinner together in St. Louis.

After eating dinner, we headed to the game. Even though it was hot, and I mean really hot, the Cardinals won so we were both happy, ha! The walk back to our hotel was honestly hotter than our walk there. The sun had gone down, but so had the wind, and the walk back was very humid. We both took showers, then got went right to sleep. The next morning we left for Tennessee. I am going to go over all of our different stops in multiple posts. However, if I am being honest, this stop might have been my favorite part. Adam and I both love the Cardinals and went to our first game together after just a few months of dating. Busch Stadium will forever be one of my favorite places and I am so glad we were able to catch a game.


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