I always feel like these sections of blogs are so strange, yet they are always my favorite to read. I guess I just feel awkward writing about myself, since I feel like I already know myself pretty well, ha!

Anyway, I live in a small, midwestern town. And I am talking really small. Population: 1,031. We have one gas station, no grocery stores, and one bar/restaurant. But like any traditional small town, we have three churches. I always find that interesting and I feel like it is fairly common in small town America.

My husband Adam, is a high school Math teacher and I am a college English instructor. We both currently coach multiple sports and that is where you can generally find us. We have been married since August of 2013, but our relationship began long before that when he was 18 and I was 16. I often think about how strange, and yet incredible, it is that the boy who took me to my senior prom, is the same man I wake up next to everyday. In that sense, we are beyond blessed.

Our lives also revolve around our precious dog, Olive. Often times, I refer to her as Miss Olive. She is a miniature goldendoodle who we brought home in January of 2014. It is very likely she will be featured in multiple posts, but she is really adorable and sweet, I promise.

I got into blogging because I love having a digital scrapbook. Also, I think it is such a fun networking tool. Here you will find ramblings of everyday life, recipes, fitness updates, and my attempt to live life the way God has planned for me.

family photo
Family – Fall 2015